ENG 3U Culminating #4

by mayagreaves

I could feel the chills of death as I walked into Macbeth’s castle earlier this morning. Last night there were winds that shook the earth as though the lord was furious at everyone and everything. Some said they could hear screams of demise echoing in the air. It’s like God knew the King was murdered and set off in a rage. The whole world knows when things have gone wrong.

I couldn’t stand to see his cold body lying peacefully in the sheets. Duncan, my rightful King couldn’t be dead. He had absolutely no enemies in Scotland! Or so I thought.. Whoever did this I know I will catch. They can’t be too far, they clearly wanted something of his, but what? The crown? His riches? Macbeth wasn’t acting like his normal self either when I informed him of the news. He told me he was so enraged that he killed the chamberlains that were our only suspects. Although his anger makes sense, I do not understand why he would murder them. We needed those men to be sure of who the murderers were. It just all appears to be shady.

Now that Malcolm and Donalbain are leaving, this leaves the crown in more danger than before. I understand they want to be as safe as possible though, therefore I will try my hardest to find who slayed their father. When I discover the truth I will notify Malcolm and we will punish them for what they have done. Being a nobleman I will stay true to the original King and heirs of the crown. Hopefully I will soon get the chance to see my beloved family for I miss them dearly. Thinking about the King’s death has made me think of how lucky I am to have my beautiful wife and children still.

– Macduff