ENG 3U Culminating #1

by mayagreaves

When Macduff told us the horrible news of my father passing away I first chose not to believe it. It felt as though my heart stopped and I couldn’t get it to beat again. At first I denied that it happened but when I saw his body lying there lifeless and cold it all hit me. He was dead, because of a selfish man who wanted something from him.

Who would do this to my family? Everyone has seemed to be loyal to us through the years. My father was such a wonderful man who had never hurt anyone. I always thought that everyone was happy with him being King since he kept everything under control in Scotland. Donalbain and I had a wonderful childhood. Our father never let us down in any way and kept us safe. He taught me to be a leader as a grew older and told me to pass the knowledge on to Donalbain.

I have an eerie feeling in my gut that Macbeth knows who has done this horrible deed. He seems so nervous every time I speak to him about my father. His expression changes immediately when the topic is brought up. The thing is, Macbeth was so dedicated to my father that I don’t think he could ever do such a thing to him. He has been a trustworthy general for as long as I can remember and I feel so guilty accusing him of something so terrible. Macbeth may just be handling my father’s death in a different way. Maybe he is so overwhelmed and upset over everything. For now I will leave it all up to Macduff because I must leave as soon as I can.

Since I was chosen to be the next heir of the throne, someone is going to come after us. Now, there is something ugly in the air, I can feel it creep past me as I walk. I feel deceived by everyone I see and can trust no one. I have decided to go to England and Donalbain to Ireland. This will keep us safer than staying here in danger. If someone finds one of us, at least the other will be alive. We are brothers and must survive. In a few years or when all of this is finished and the murderer is caught, we will return in hopes to take back the throne which is rightfully ours.

– Malcolm