ENG 3U Culminating #3

by mayagreaves

Thank god Macbeth got over his guilty conscience. My husband is such a wonderful man and always has been. However, in order to perform such a dangerous act like we did, you cannot feel remorse. Nerves just make everything worse and this is why I had to insult his manhood. I knew at the time he had it in him, he just needed a little push to make him determined. Sure, when I drank the alcohol it helped me get through it all but I still do not feel regretful about it all. For a moment he reminded me of my sleeping father which is why I was unable to do the deed myself. My father and I went through a lot together and he died when I was young. A large regret of mine is not spending enough time with him when he was living. Then the thoughts of how happy I would be as Queen entered my mind and I got down to business.

We were in danger of being potential suspects when Macduff and Lennox showed up at the castle today. To convince them that I was as stunned as they were about the King’s death, I pretended to faint at the news. Macbeth was also explaining why he slayed the chamberlains at this point and I had to take their attention off of him. Certainly when I did this they believed I was in shock which was a good cover up. They continue to think I’m an innocent woman who would never participate in something so treacherous. Little do they know, we have fooled them!

Fortunately the King’s sons are so frightened by his death that they are leaving Scotland. Macbeth will soon sit upon the throne and I will be Queen. I am more than ready to start our new enjoyable lifestyle. This feels like a dream and I await for it to get even better. I know that Macbeth is the weak link between us both but nevertheless I will be here to be his backbone and to keep him going. I am willing to put aside my femininity if it means I will be Queen of Scotland.

– Lady Macbeth