Banquo Knows Best – ENG 3U

by mayagreaves

Oh man.. Everything was going great, we won against Norway, Macbeth was named Thane of Cawdor, and everything with Fleance was going well. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the King was murdered! What’s going on? So much chaos in so little time.. It feels as though everything is off balance and nothing will fix it. At Macbeth’s for dinner it was a beautiful, sunny day. When the King died everything soon turned dark, along with my mind which is now full of suspicions. Macbeth was predicted to be King hereafter and now that he has become Thane of Cawdor, he had a clear motive to kill King Duncan. When he found out about the murder, he killed the only suspects we had! If he knew what was best for the King he wouldn’t have done such a careless thing. Then again, he was so close with Duncan and they had such a great bond. Duncan trusted him with his life! Macbeth wouldn’t do that, he couldn’t have.. However I can’t help but think that he did this terrible deed.

For now I will act as though everything is perfect. I will find out what happened, even if it means I must be fake to my good friend. I cannot trust anyone, not in times like this. I have always enjoyed my life the way it is. When the three witches told me my sons would be Kings I was rather confused. But now they may have a chance. I have no wish but for my sons to be happy in their life. Kings or not, I will be proud of whatever they have accomplished. Today Macbeth seemed so interested in where I was going out riding with Fleance, I know it sounds silly but it worries me. What if Fleance is now in danger because he is supposed to be a King one day? Attending this feast doesn’t sound like the best idea but I’ll do it in order to stay close to Macbeth. If I don’t come back from my ride with Fleance, you know what happened.

– Banquo