Affairs, Why Don’t They Care?

by mayagreaves

Imagine going out on the town one day to find your best friend’s partner or future partner with another man. You thought they were good, genuine peeps.. And now you’re like “What the heck……….? -_-“. What would you do? Think of how hurt your best friend will be when you tell them the horrible news. The person they were going to spend the rest of their life with is a cheating liar.

Personally if I was in the situation I would definitely tell my best friend what I’d seen. Although it would hurt them an unbelievable amount, it’s better than having them more hurt in the future when they find out themselves. Telling them as soon as possible may also fix the situation faster and allow them to talk it out with each other. If you don’t tell them, they may never trust you again or end the friendship for keeping such a big secret to yourself. In the end you should do what you think is best for your friend and always consider the proper way to break the news to them.

Now put yourself in the position of the cheater. You’ve met someone new and   you’re with them you feel as though you’re falling in love all over again. They fill in the piece of your heart that has been missing for a while and make you feel good about yourself. Your partner is always busy with work these days and doesn’t even seem interested in spending time with you anymore. You have tried all you can to reconnect with them but it doesn’t seem to be working. Would you get a divorce with your significant other or keep hiding the affair from them? If I was in this dilemma I would definitely tell my partner the truth, when you’re in a relationship you should be able to tell each other anything. If I wasn’t able to tell them how unwanted and ignored I felt then I wouldn’t be with the person. Before jumping straight into a divorce I do think that you should try to save the relationshipIt’s unfair pretending your heart still belongs to someone when in reality, it doesn’t.

Teens have cheating issues too, however, they’re not as serious as adult infidelity. When you’re older, relationships become more serious and can change many things in your life. As a teenager dating is not a lifetime commitment and there is plenty of time to be with other people. I hope that when I’m older I will never have to go through a divorce or have infidelity be a part of my life. It is probably one of my biggest fears to be married to someone and find out many years later that the relationship is not going to last. Divorces also effect the children of the couple and I would hate to make my children go through a hard time because of emotional issues between me and my husband.