Teen Dating and Mating

by mayagreaves

Teenagers can be tough mystery to solve by their parents and even anyone in general. No one truly knows why they do certain things or act the way they do. Being a teenager currently, I am very self-aware and know what I want out of life. I believe that teens are often attracted to the unknown and try search for who they are/who they will be in this world. My mother and father always tell me how important these years are for me. In highschool you learn so many new things academically and socially that change you as a person. You meet people you might know for years to come and create memories you will remember forever. There are some couples who are “highschool sweethearts” and get married after dating at some point in highschool. Though some of these marriages do not last, there is also a majority of them that are still strong.

Since we now start to have serious relationships so early it can lead to difficult situations that we usually cannot handle. Common problems for teen couples are now becoming severe and can have dangerous results. Teen dating abuse has increased over the years and about 1 in 5 highschool girls have been physically or emotionally abused by a partner. There are less stats known about abused boys however, that does not mean that they are never abused. Victims also may not even know that they are being abused and might look past it thinking it’s normal for their partner to act the way they do. Abuse can be caused by insecurities and an overuse of power. When someone uses abuse to communicate with someone I feel that it is because they do not have the maturity to handle it in a calm and practical way. Peer pressure is also another factor that is causing many girls to become pregnant. The couple may feel pressures from friends or each other that cause them to think they are ready to have sexual intercourse. If a couple is deciding whether they should do something or not, they should both be comfortable with it and not influenced by what others think.

Ever since childhood we have been hypnotized by movies and the media about relationships. When I was a little my favourite movies were of course the Disney classics. These movies effected me in the future because they made me want to have a significant other as soon as possible. The media shows relationships as being nothing but joy and “living happily ever after”. I longed for the happiness that couples had in movies although it wasn’t real. In grade 8 I had my first real boyfriend and thought it was the end of the world when we broke up. I wish that I didn’t become so dependant on having a boyfriend because I found myself devastated when the relationship was over. This is why I no longer focus on finding love as a teen, I just want to have fun in highschool and in the future I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. We have so much time to meet new personalities and to be introduced to other behaviours until we meet the right one.I do not think that at this point in life, teens should be hurting over such a small event in their lives. The feelings one has after a breakup often results in depression or even thoughts of suicide. Being young should be about having fun and hanging out with friends, instead we try to become more mature than we really are.