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ENG 3U Culminating #4

I could feel the chills of death as I walked into Macbeth’s castle earlier this morning. Last night there were winds that shook the earth as though the lord was furious at everyone and everything. Some said they could hear screams of demise echoing in the air. It’s like God knew the King was murdered and set off in a rage. The whole world knows when things have gone wrong.

I couldn’t stand to see his cold body lying peacefully in the sheets. Duncan, my rightful King couldn’t be dead. He had absolutely no enemies in Scotland! Or so I thought.. Whoever did this I know I will catch. They can’t be too far, they clearly wanted something of his, but what? The crown? His riches? Macbeth wasn’t acting like his normal self either when I informed him of the news. He told me he was so enraged that he killed the chamberlains that were our only suspects. Although his anger makes sense, I do not understand why he would murder them. We needed those men to be sure of who the murderers were. It just all appears to be shady.

Now that Malcolm and Donalbain are leaving, this leaves the crown in more danger than before. I understand they want to be as safe as possible though, therefore I will try my hardest to find who slayed their father. When I discover the truth I will notify Malcolm and we will punish them for what they have done. Being a nobleman I will stay true to the original King and heirs of the crown. Hopefully I will soon get the chance to see my beloved family for I miss them dearly. Thinking about the King’s death has made me think of how lucky I am to have my beautiful wife and children still.

– Macduff


ENG 3U Culminating #3

Thank god Macbeth got over his guilty conscience. My husband is such a wonderful man and always has been. However, in order to perform such a dangerous act like we did, you cannot feel remorse. Nerves just make everything worse and this is why I had to insult his manhood. I knew at the time he had it in him, he just needed a little push to make him determined. Sure, when I drank the alcohol it helped me get through it all but I still do not feel regretful about it all. For a moment he reminded me of my sleeping father which is why I was unable to do the deed myself. My father and I went through a lot together and he died when I was young. A large regret of mine is not spending enough time with him when he was living. Then the thoughts of how happy I would be as Queen entered my mind and I got down to business.

We were in danger of being potential suspects when Macduff and Lennox showed up at the castle today. To convince them that I was as stunned as they were about the King’s death, I pretended to faint at the news. Macbeth was also explaining why he slayed the chamberlains at this point and I had to take their attention off of him. Certainly when I did this they believed I was in shock which was a good cover up. They continue to think I’m an innocent woman who would never participate in something so treacherous. Little do they know, we have fooled them!

Fortunately the King’s sons are so frightened by his death that they are leaving Scotland. Macbeth will soon sit upon the throne and I will be Queen. I am more than ready to start our new enjoyable lifestyle. This feels like a dream and I await for it to get even better. I know that Macbeth is the weak link between us both but nevertheless I will be here to be his backbone and to keep him going. I am willing to put aside my femininity if it means I will be Queen of Scotland.

– Lady Macbeth

ENG 3U Culminating #2

The days are gone. Those days I would wake up and know that I’m hiding nothing. The days when there was no weight on my shoulders. Although I’m glad the deed is over, I know this paranoia will always continue. I didn’t want to go through with it all but I had to make my wife proud. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s motivated me through this all and has kept me going. It was time to stop being a coward and get what I want for once.

It’s been scary, covering all this up. The moment I woke up this morning I felt a stab, kind of like the one Duncan must have felt when I murdered him. Not long ago I could never see myself doing such a horrible act to the one I have always been dedicated to. King Duncan gave me everything I needed to be successful and never forgot to praise me. I will miss him but I know that I would’ve regretted it if i didn’t kill him. I would be forever wondering who I could be in Scotland.

This morning when Macduff and Lennox arrived I tried my hardest to act natural. The key to being calm was to act like I knew nothing of the King’s death and hope for the best. When I went into the King’s room with Lennox by my side I knew that I had to look as surprised as I could. I worried that if Macduff  asked the chamberlains what happened, my whole plan could be jeopardized. So out of impulse I decided that I had to kill them to feel reassured about whatever was coming next. I blamed it on anger when they confronted me about why I had done such a thing, I claimed that I couldn’t handle the fact that they killed him. I could tell deep down that Macduff didn’t believe my reasoning.

If Macduff or anyone comes close to finding out what Lady Macbeth and I have done, I don’t know how I’ll deal with it. Murdering others is not who I used to be however, it may be who I have become. I hope things will go smoothly from now on since I have decided I am ready to do what I have to in order to be happy.

– Macbeth

ENG 3U Culminating #1

When Macduff told us the horrible news of my father passing away I first chose not to believe it. It felt as though my heart stopped and I couldn’t get it to beat again. At first I denied that it happened but when I saw his body lying there lifeless and cold it all hit me. He was dead, because of a selfish man who wanted something from him.

Who would do this to my family? Everyone has seemed to be loyal to us through the years. My father was such a wonderful man who had never hurt anyone. I always thought that everyone was happy with him being King since he kept everything under control in Scotland. Donalbain and I had a wonderful childhood. Our father never let us down in any way and kept us safe. He taught me to be a leader as a grew older and told me to pass the knowledge on to Donalbain.

I have an eerie feeling in my gut that Macbeth knows who has done this horrible deed. He seems so nervous every time I speak to him about my father. His expression changes immediately when the topic is brought up. The thing is, Macbeth was so dedicated to my father that I don’t think he could ever do such a thing to him. He has been a trustworthy general for as long as I can remember and I feel so guilty accusing him of something so terrible. Macbeth may just be handling my father’s death in a different way. Maybe he is so overwhelmed and upset over everything. For now I will leave it all up to Macduff because I must leave as soon as I can.

Since I was chosen to be the next heir of the throne, someone is going to come after us. Now, there is something ugly in the air, I can feel it creep past me as I walk. I feel deceived by everyone I see and can trust no one. I have decided to go to England and Donalbain to Ireland. This will keep us safer than staying here in danger. If someone finds one of us, at least the other will be alive. We are brothers and must survive. In a few years or when all of this is finished and the murderer is caught, we will return in hopes to take back the throne which is rightfully ours.

– Malcolm

Banquo Knows Best – ENG 3U

Oh man.. Everything was going great, we won against Norway, Macbeth was named Thane of Cawdor, and everything with Fleance was going well. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the King was murdered! What’s going on? So much chaos in so little time.. It feels as though everything is off balance and nothing will fix it. At Macbeth’s for dinner it was a beautiful, sunny day. When the King died everything soon turned dark, along with my mind which is now full of suspicions. Macbeth was predicted to be King hereafter and now that he has become Thane of Cawdor, he had a clear motive to kill King Duncan. When he found out about the murder, he killed the only suspects we had! If he knew what was best for the King he wouldn’t have done such a careless thing. Then again, he was so close with Duncan and they had such a great bond. Duncan trusted him with his life! Macbeth wouldn’t do that, he couldn’t have.. However I can’t help but think that he did this terrible deed.

For now I will act as though everything is perfect. I will find out what happened, even if it means I must be fake to my good friend. I cannot trust anyone, not in times like this. I have always enjoyed my life the way it is. When the three witches told me my sons would be Kings I was rather confused. But now they may have a chance. I have no wish but for my sons to be happy in their life. Kings or not, I will be proud of whatever they have accomplished. Today Macbeth seemed so interested in where I was going out riding with Fleance, I know it sounds silly but it worries me. What if Fleance is now in danger because he is supposed to be a King one day? Attending this feast doesn’t sound like the best idea but I’ll do it in order to stay close to Macbeth. If I don’t come back from my ride with Fleance, you know what happened.

– Banquo

Affairs, Why Don’t They Care?

Imagine going out on the town one day to find your best friend’s partner or future partner with another man. You thought they were good, genuine peeps.. And now you’re like “What the heck……….? -_-“. What would you do? Think of how hurt your best friend will be when you tell them the horrible news. The person they were going to spend the rest of their life with is a cheating liar.

Personally if I was in the situation I would definitely tell my best friend what I’d seen. Although it would hurt them an unbelievable amount, it’s better than having them more hurt in the future when they find out themselves. Telling them as soon as possible may also fix the situation faster and allow them to talk it out with each other. If you don’t tell them, they may never trust you again or end the friendship for keeping such a big secret to yourself. In the end you should do what you think is best for your friend and always consider the proper way to break the news to them.

Now put yourself in the position of the cheater. You’ve met someone new and   you’re with them you feel as though you’re falling in love all over again. They fill in the piece of your heart that has been missing for a while and make you feel good about yourself. Your partner is always busy with work these days and doesn’t even seem interested in spending time with you anymore. You have tried all you can to reconnect with them but it doesn’t seem to be working. Would you get a divorce with your significant other or keep hiding the affair from them? If I was in this dilemma I would definitely tell my partner the truth, when you’re in a relationship you should be able to tell each other anything. If I wasn’t able to tell them how unwanted and ignored I felt then I wouldn’t be with the person. Before jumping straight into a divorce I do think that you should try to save the relationshipIt’s unfair pretending your heart still belongs to someone when in reality, it doesn’t.

Teens have cheating issues too, however, they’re not as serious as adult infidelity. When you’re older, relationships become more serious and can change many things in your life. As a teenager dating is not a lifetime commitment and there is plenty of time to be with other people. I hope that when I’m older I will never have to go through a divorce or have infidelity be a part of my life. It is probably one of my biggest fears to be married to someone and find out many years later that the relationship is not going to last. Divorces also effect the children of the couple and I would hate to make my children go through a hard time because of emotional issues between me and my husband.

Teen Dating and Mating

Teenagers can be tough mystery to solve by their parents and even anyone in general. No one truly knows why they do certain things or act the way they do. Being a teenager currently, I am very self-aware and know what I want out of life. I believe that teens are often attracted to the unknown and try search for who they are/who they will be in this world. My mother and father always tell me how important these years are for me. In highschool you learn so many new things academically and socially that change you as a person. You meet people you might know for years to come and create memories you will remember forever. There are some couples who are “highschool sweethearts” and get married after dating at some point in highschool. Though some of these marriages do not last, there is also a majority of them that are still strong.

Since we now start to have serious relationships so early it can lead to difficult situations that we usually cannot handle. Common problems for teen couples are now becoming severe and can have dangerous results. Teen dating abuse has increased over the years and about 1 in 5 highschool girls have been physically or emotionally abused by a partner. There are less stats known about abused boys however, that does not mean that they are never abused. Victims also may not even know that they are being abused and might look past it thinking it’s normal for their partner to act the way they do. Abuse can be caused by insecurities and an overuse of power. When someone uses abuse to communicate with someone I feel that it is because they do not have the maturity to handle it in a calm and practical way. Peer pressure is also another factor that is causing many girls to become pregnant. The couple may feel pressures from friends or each other that cause them to think they are ready to have sexual intercourse. If a couple is deciding whether they should do something or not, they should both be comfortable with it and not influenced by what others think.

Ever since childhood we have been hypnotized by movies and the media about relationships. When I was a little my favourite movies were of course the Disney classics. These movies effected me in the future because they made me want to have a significant other as soon as possible. The media shows relationships as being nothing but joy and “living happily ever after”. I longed for the happiness that couples had in movies although it wasn’t real. In grade 8 I had my first real boyfriend and thought it was the end of the world when we broke up. I wish that I didn’t become so dependant on having a boyfriend because I found myself devastated when the relationship was over. This is why I no longer focus on finding love as a teen, I just want to have fun in highschool and in the future I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. We have so much time to meet new personalities and to be introduced to other behaviours until we meet the right one.I do not think that at this point in life, teens should be hurting over such a small event in their lives. The feelings one has after a breakup often results in depression or even thoughts of suicide. Being young should be about having fun and hanging out with friends, instead we try to become more mature than we really are.

Why Date? Cause it’s Fate!

You see, dating in these times has drastically changed from the older days. Usually it is the male who will ask the female out on a date or to be in a serious relationship. Some men say that if the woman is the initiator, they take it to be masculine and desperate. Females are always expected to keep their femininity. Other men think of it differently and say they would be thrilled if a woman asked them out on a date. Way back when, many men had to first get privilege from his significant other’s father before dating her officially or just simply going on a date. Currently there are still some parents that expect this sort of treatment from a potential boyfriend. They want to be sure that their daughter is dating a man that they approve of.

In the past having arranged marriages was also very common. This is when the parents of the daughter or son is friends with another family and they set them up together to be married. The popularity of this has decreased but in places such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, India, Muslim countries, and more still practice them. Personally I do not agree with arranged dating or marriage considering someone should never be forced into loving someone or having to spend the rest of their life with another.

Dating should be a fun way to meet new people even if you don’t begin to have a romantic relationship with them in the end. Many people date because of their insecurities and fear that they will forever be alone. There are people who date to relieve their sexual urges and others want to see what they are looking for in a future partner. They hope to eventually find someone to spend the rest of their life with.

Advances in technology have created many new ways of communicating and meeting people over the internet. From blind dates and online dating to speed dating there are now ways to set up dates with people you have never met. The negative side of this is that there are a majority of people who pretend to be someone they aren’t online. It’s so popular these days that 20-40 million Americans have used online dating services. Then there is speed dating which was created by a rabbi in Los Angles in 1999 based on traditional ways of Jewish dating. I find that the best way to meet someone is if you’re already friends with them or meet them in person and become friends with them.

Random Dating Facts

  • Over half of all singles in America haven’t been on a date in 2 years
  • A mans main fears are that the woman will come in between him and his friends, that he will have no free time, she will be high maintenance, she won’t respect him, and that she will turn out to be a stalker
  • The top ten turn-offs for women include acne, gross nails, burping, unattractive teeth, body odor, bad breath, hairy nostrils, and “man boobs”
  • boasts that 236 of its members marry each day, accounting for 2% of U.S. marriages
  • Five types of women that men tend to avoid are serial flirters, someone who talks about marriage too soon, clingy women, the party-girl, and a woman who talks too much or is drama queen
  • The most common time for breakups is around three to five months
  • Approximately 48% of online daters reported that their breakups occurred via email

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So, as you can see this is my first post. All of my subjects will revolve around dating, so if you need advice, just holla!!!!